​The story of Caroline:

Caroline’s history, briefly:

Caroline got the whooping cough when she was 20 days old, committed to hospital, with IV, oxygen, and other monitoring equipment.

Has had middle ear infection and a cold several times and then gets quite a lot of annoying mucus in her throat.

Has been attending quite a few doctor’s examinations.

Caroline is a lovely little 2-year-old. Her parents now contact me because they have three issues they are battling with.

1. Waking up at night, screaming, seems as if she would like to be lifted up to her parents, but when she then gets up, it is still not right. Often seems anxious and panicky. Anxious when she comes into her room, starts crying, does not want to stay in her bed, seems frustrated, her crying turns panicky, her parents try to calm her down, but it is as if they cannot reach her, she makes herself stiff, as if she just wants to get away, points in every direction as if she wants to get away. It is as if she cannot snap ”out of it again”, she closes her eyes and makes herself completely stiff. It is as if she looks for her parents, but at the same time wants to get away from them. It can last anything from ten min. to an hour to get her to go back to sleep.

2. Food/Eating

The eating difficulties began when she is going to change to solid food at four-five months, it becomes a difficult transition, it is as if the change of the texture of the food is very difficult for her. It has been really difficult to introduce her to new foods, porridge is what she loves the most, but structure where she has to chew she does not like, peas and corn are fine, but one day it is meat, the next day potatoes, you never know what she wants. She spits out her food, pushes her plate away and gets stubborn. One could imagine that she is afraid of choking on the food, but sometimes she eats without any difficulty. It could look as if it is important how the food is cut out.

3. Temper

Generally, Caroline has always known what she wants. When she gets something into her head, she goes right ahead and does it, she can find herself in situations where her parents have said no to something, a biscuit, for example, then she gets grumpy and angry and may crawl under the table and bang with her arms and legs and be terribly upset. If her parents take her up and try to comfort her, she does not receive at all, and she is very hard to get down on the ”ground” again. She can change just like that, from being a happy girl to getting grumpy. And if she cannot just have her way, she may start to shout, she may wind herself up entirely if her parents do not hear her the first time.

She is a clever girl, you can tell her something once, and she understands.

Letter from Carolines mum and dad after short the sessions:

Dear Charlotte...

We have sent you many loving and warm thoughts since we came to see you, and in fact we have only spread positive knowledge about you in town.

Since she saw you, Caroline has only had positive experiences. It is so easy to make her go to sleep in the evening… She primarily lies in her own bed now from 7 pm. If she were to be uneasy and does not go to bed straight away, we just talk about you… then she lays down immediately. She usually wakes up during the night and seems a bit sad. Until now, we have just put her down in her weekend bed in our bedroom, after which she has turned on her side straight away and carried on sleeping… a seance which takes about 3 minutes from when I pick her up until she lies down again… so I must say, this is a huge development.

Concerning her eating, she still typically has 1-2 weeks during a period when she does not eat a huge amount, but no dramas and no throwing things....:-)

Caroline does, however, still have quite a bit of temper, but much more controlled, more of a single-minded girl with her own opinions...

We are still amazed at how great a difference you have made to Caroline. We have really appreciated your help, and of course we want to help you, too.

Feel free to use the clips you made with Caroline, we think they are very indicative ourselves and say much more than words could do… for her body language says it all.

Many kind regards
Louise, Dennis and Caroline

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